Saturday, April 25, 2009

Silver Phoenix Contest

Cindy Pon will release her debut novel, titled Silver Phoenix:Beyond the Kingdom of Xia, this summer. Check your local bookstores or you can go online to order it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No title for the new novel yet

Hello everyone! I finally reached 11k on my story and I am still so excited about it. I don't have a title yet but some ideas are coming to me. I thinking about naming it after the name of the city. I'm not sure but the title has to sound tough. There are many battle scenes in this book and I want my title to convey that. I haven't gotten as far with the book as I would like but life calls. I've been working, which I haven't done in 2 years, busy with my new stepdaughter, and school on top of that! Oy, as a friend of mine would say. I'm determined to get in at least 2k today. I've got to take my husband to work and then writing time. I want to take my time on this story and get it as good as I can the first time around. It will sure making editing a little easier.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my new novel

I've almost reached 10k! It's coming along quite nice but I see some holes I will need to fill. I read a lot about pacing and I see where I need to fix some things. There will be many small battles throughout this book but toward the end there is a huge battle. I want my readers to feel it coming and be afraid. I want them to have tension build up in them. I want them to feel for my characters whose lives are at stake. I know how to do that now so I'm going to get to work on that. I like to edit as I write because I am known to deviate from the main story. Here's an example. I finished my first YA a few months back. It was nothing like the outline I wrote for it. It started that way but somewhere along the line, the plot change completely. Don't know how that happened. I made an outline of this one but it's flexible.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 more days until my stepdaughter gets here

My stepdaughter will be visiting in two more days! I'm so nervous and excited. I worry how she will feel about me and how my hubby will deal with some of the problems she has. For the first time I posted up a part of my story on my blog. People liked it and offered some great tips. I love where this story of mine is heading and I like that other people are liking it also. I just hope and agent feels the same way when it comes to the time. I like writing from a boy's point of view but it's hard. My hubby acts like a 17 year old even though he is almost 35 so that helps too!
Well I better get back to writing. I keep telling myself that I'm going to hit the 6,000 mark but I have yet to do it. I hope to get it done today.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I see that all my peeps on AbsoluteWrite on putting up teasers so I thought I would give in. This is an excerpt from my newest novel that I am working on. Leave comments if you like.

Kenji looked around at the mess in front of him. Bodies of the people he loved littered the road. He tried in vain to make sense of what had just happened. Princess Kressara had been kidnapped, and the adults were either dead or kidnapped. He looked at himself and saw all the blood. At some point during the battle, blood had splashed him in the face. The stench of it burned his nose. He walked around in circles as tears streamed down his face. How had this happened? Kenji stopped just as quickly as he started and looked around one more time. A rumble formed in his chest and could be heard rising in this throat.

“Why!?” He screamed. He screamed again. The sound of his voice bounced off the rocks and throughout the empty city.