Monday, September 27, 2010

Writer's block, new stories, and life

I used to keep up with my blog better but of course life gets in the way. It all started with a nasty case of writer's block. Well... really it started with all the rejections I was getting when I thought I would have more bites. Then I got a bad virus on my computer which erased my thumb drive as well just to make sure it got my story. I've also been busy with work, taking care of the kids, going to school, scrapping to make extra money. My hubby's band was born and has since lost its drummer. I just got over from being really sick and having to go to the hospital twice. I've stopped going to absolutewrite, which was one of my favorite sites. All my writing buddies have since gotten agents and book deals and I'm still at the beginning. I feel so left out that I stopped. I just got really down that I couldn't even write. I credit my husband of making things better for me. He gave me a really good novel idea that made my fingers itch. I found myself wanting to write again!!! So that's the good news. I'm writing a fresh story and letting the others sit awhile. I can always go back. Writing is truly a talent that not everyone has. It is one of the hardest jobs there is and no one can say different. Not just anyone can sit down and write a whole story and get it out to the world. Congrats to everyone that has.