Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Teaser for me either

No teaser for me this week. Things at home have been so stressful and the such. I'm falling apart but I know that things are going to get better soon. At least I hope so. I need to get some writing done so I better go. I haven't been able to write in weeks and I miss it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Happenings

Well I think I came up with a name for my work in progress. Well my stepdaughter did. She picked the name: Cardia and beyond. That's the name of the city that the story mainly takes place. Things are so hectic as always in my life. I was going to go ahead and get my 4 year degree but I'm done for now. I'm so tired of school and deadlines with that and I never have time to work on my writing. My story is coming along so slowly. I will go back but not at the moment. Writing is my passion and my very first love since I was a child. I know this is what I want to do. At least I'm still working and that's a plus.
I got to go out last night and that was so fun. The whole crew from where I work went out and I danced on the stripper pole! Everyone couldn't believe it, me included.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here is my next Piece for Teaser Tuesday:Sorry about the formatting and I'm still working on this part.

It only took thirty minutes to sell out of the sweet purple apples Kenji had been selling. He went in search of the others and he found Panthra quickly but Kishi was nowhere in sight.
“Where the hell is she? Have you see her at all since we got here?” Kenji asked.
“No, but I hope we hurry and find her. Some of these people look creepy. I recognized most of them but there was some new ones mixed in.
A scream filled the air and they both knew who it was. Panthra took off in a sprint on all fours and Kenji wasn’t far behind. A large brute of a man had Kishi up against a wall with a knife to her throat. He was trying to grab a handful of everything and Kishi was struggling.
“Get your damn hands off of her before I break them both!” Kenji yelled as he walked closer to the man holding Kishi. He could see Panthra out of the corner of his eyes. She was coming at the man from behind and he hadn’t noticed. Kishi locked eyes with Kenji and he knew what she was saying. She was begging him not to kill the man. The man didn’t let her go but instead pulled out a small sword and pointed it at Kenji.
“I suggest you keep right on walking little boy. This girl here is nothing but a tease and I’m going to show her what happens to girls like her.” The man said. He smiled and licked his lips. Kenji could see the man’s rotten teeth and smell his dirty unkempt clothes.
Panthra was directly behind the man now and she was ready to pounce. She had crouched on all fours and her fur was standing on end.
“This is your last chance. She doesn’t want you dead.” Kenji said nodding in Kishi’s direction. “I will kill you anyway or I could let my other comrade do my dirty work.”
A sharp metallic sound came from behind the man and he spun around to see one angry cat. Panthra stood at over six feet tall and the man had to look up at her. Her razor sharp claws glistened in the sun.
“There’s no one around to here you scream when I slit your throat. Do you still want more time to think about that?” Panthra said.