Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dreaded Writer's Block

I haven't been able to write in such a long time. I've sat here for weeks and months watching as my fellow writers get book deals, and agents, and requests. I wrote my historical and expected it to be perfect and it wasn't. I have so much work ahead of me and I feel overwhelmed. So much that I can't write. I've since started 4 other stories that are in various stages. Probably junk. I know I got a lot of work to do and I wish I could get back to work but I just don't know where to began. I've lost the excitement that writing has brought me for 20 years and it scares me. I once thought I would die if I couldn't write anymore but not so much anymore. The light is growing smaller and I want it back. I'm going to make a deal with myself that I hope helps. Sit down and write for at least an hour at first. I'll work my way up and reward myself with something new. I rarely ever do that. I need to hit the research again and learn everything I can about the time period and writing in general. I can do this.