Saturday, July 21, 2012

Writing News and Break Throughs

So, I can now say I'm a published author on Kindle. I recently sold my first copy and hope there's more to come. I must admit I had never heard of Kindle until a few months back. Yes, I'm that outdated!
I also started a page for the book and for my writing news on facebook. I'm trying to get as much publicity for the book and for me as possible. It's going to be fun to watch where my book goes. I have high hopes for it.
On the writing front, I'm writing something new! It's another historical novel set in New York City slums during the late 1800's. This idea has been forming for a couple of years now. I'd been wanting to write an historical novel with a Irish female main character for a long time but the idea eluded me.  I wanted a tough chick. A girl who brawled with her fist.  The idea just hit me of a sudden and I had to start it. I got almost 3000 words in already and I look forward to getting into the really fast paced and exciting points. It's going to have a lot of action and as I get closer to the first major scene, my heart starts to pound. Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I can devote so much more time to writing and I've pretty much turned it into a full time job.