Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happenings on the homefront

Well I got the first 5 chapters back from one of my beta readers and she helped a lot. I think it will help me when I send sample pages or requests out. I hope that will be soon. I am so ready to get an agent. I keep telling myself that 2009 is the year. Some great agent is going to come along and love my book. It's not about money. I just want people to read my book and at least like it. Word of mouth.
My oldest soon has been acting out at home and school recently. He's 6. I could not figure it out what was going on and I had a chat with the teacher. She informs me how sneaky my son is. Their behavior is rated by color in their notebooks. Green is good, yellow is warning, red is bad as heck, and blue is a tyrant. He had been getting yellows for weeks but sneaking and coloring them green. He even had 2 blues thrown in there but colored them yellow. Is that sneaky or what? My eight year old daughter is going on 21. She is so sassy and she is so much like how I was and how I am. It's scary as hell!! Who wants their daughter to be like them? Not my husband. He says I am hard as hell to love with. That's his way of saying how much he loves me!