Monday, January 26, 2009

I got another request!!!

Yesterday I sent a query to what I thought was a good agency. Turns out this company , which I will not name, is referring people to a vanity publisher. There is a thread on about them and it is not hard to find their name. I was not mad about that. I thought it was funny and a wonderful women on the thread wrote an interesting article about it all. Don't mess with her or she'll bite!!!!
On a good note, I got another request. This time it was a 3 chapter request but it is an awesome agent. I am crossing my fingers but I have been let down before. It hurt like hell but I am ready for whatever. Writing is one of the hardest jobs besides being a mother. I know about that, I got three kids and gray hairs at 25!! It hurts when you believe so much in your story and others don't. I fell in love with this Young Adult novel. It was amazing. I worked on it day in and day out. I neglected my husband for 45 days to get it down. The words just poured from my fingers. I wrote until my fingers cramped!! I did all this and someone requests a full. I was so excited and I called everyone. Eight days later I got a form reject from this agent at a huge agency. A freaking form. Most agents give some type of feedback on your novel but no, a freaking form!!!!! I cried for an hour. Nothing could comfort me that day. It seemed to all happen so quick. I sent her an email and got an out of office reply. Two days later she requested my full. She was like the third agent and queried. I learned that you must have a thick skin if you want to be a successful writer. I wanted to be a writer since I was seven years old. That was my dream and that is what I will be. I am excited about this 3 chapter request but I am not giving my hopes up. I am going to treat them all has rejections so if someone does offer, I burst with happiness. I know this sounds crazy but it is true. Writing is my passion. I always say that I would not know what to do. I think I would go crazy and have to be locked up!! I love writing because I can lose myself in my story. I can create anything I want. Any type of person. They can be any color and live any place they want. I can make new worlds. People would be reading the books I write and they can go to this places and see through the eyes of every character. Well anyways, today is day one that my 3 chapters are out. That should not take to long and she will do one of three things. Request the full, offer rep, or worse of all, reject me. Until then I am going to keep sending those queries out. The right agent is out there and I will find them. That is because I believe.