Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday are all over

Well all the holidays are over and I am so happy for that. I sent out a lot of queries and I have not heard anything back. I did get 1 rejection and my full is still out. I am so nervous on that. I really like the agent that has it. I have heard nothing but good things about her so I hope she likes what I wrote. She seems to reject fulls within a week. My week is up Monday. I keep telling myself that I will be okay with a rejection but I probably won't. I am keeping strong and keep my mind busy but it is hard. I have not heard anything back from Firebrand yet either. I heard some people say that already got their rejections so I am not sure if this is a good sign. Maybe they have not gotten to mine yet. I keep telling myself that about the agent who has my full. Maybe she had not read it yet which still gives her time to hate it. I hope I hear something from someone soon. My inbox is getting lonely without agent requests or rejections!!!