Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need to update you all

It's been some time since I've written a decent post. Not saying this one is going to be better but I thought I would update everyone. Still don't have a new computer and won't until income tax. Still waiting on those darn W2 papers. I waiting. The writing is on hold. I finished a semester at school and failed one class because I got lazy and then my computer died. Started another class, which I like. My stepdaughter was just adopted out with her grandma and things are getting better between her and my husband. Instead of moving to Tampa we are moving to St. Pete which is still close by. My last day at work was Monday and I'm so excited. These next few weeks are going to be such a whirlwind and I have all these emotions going through me. I'm excited, nervous, and scared. My school is helping me to find a job before I go down so that's neat. I can't wait to see a different place. My mother is not dealing with this the way I wish she would. Making snide remarks and saying that we'll fail down there and be right back here. Things like that. I know we can do this and we are going to make this work as a family. Next moth we will be down in Florida! On the writing front, nothing from any outstanding queries or the full out. Well I'm sure I'll have much more to say in the upcoming weeks.