Monday, November 24, 2008

Publishing News

It appears that all is not well in the publishing world. We all know that people were not buying books like they once were. Now I am really scared because it is going to be even harder to get an agent. As if that it is not hard enough already. Do your part and buy some books.


Anonymous said...

Tasha, kimmi here from AW.
If you don't believe, really REALLY believe, then even as you work at your book day and night, fight for your book, you're going to be hampered by fear.

Fear kills creativity. It doesn't have to be a great or overwhelming
fear, just enough to make belief murky, kinda like a drop of raw sewage added to a gallon of pure spring water, fear stifles us; but belief clears us and frees the productive creativity in us.

Writing a book is something anybody can do, until they have the guts to try, I suspect.